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You have a number of options to choose from when shipping a container to Asia. If you are relocating to Asia, are sending your household goods and want to save money on container freight costs, it is a good idea to be aware of these options, because they can save you a significant amount of money.

The first way you can save money is by determining if you can fit all of your household goods into a 20 foot container. Most commonly, people ship 40 foot containers, but if you have an apartment or smaller home, a 20 foot container may be ideal. Because container to Asia shipping costs are determined by volume and not weight, if you ship 20 ft container, it will cost you less. It will not cost only half as much as a 40 foot container, but it will save you money.

A twenty foot container can save you money in other ways, too. You can choose the "Full Service" option if you like and the container freight company of your choice will handle the packing of your container for you or you can choose what's called the "Live Load" option. Twenty foot containers can be delivered "live" to your doorstep. Then you have two other options to choose from. Either the driver can wait for a designated number of hours while you "stuff" (pack) the container or he can leave the container with you for an agreed upon number of days and you can take your time. The "Live Load" option will save you a great deal on labor costs, if you have the time and ability to do the "stuffing" yourself.

Warehouse or Terminal Loading refers to another option you have when shipping a container to Asia. If you are going to Asia on business, it may not be convenient for you to have your personal goods sent immediately. In that case, they can be packed and delivered to a warehouse near the container port or within the terminal. They will then be loaded onto the container vessel on the designated date and shipped. There will be storage costs involved, but the convenience of using this option may make it the appropriate choice for you. Also, if you cannot be at the port of call on the day your household goods arrive, they can be stored in a warehouse facility there, waiting for your arrival.

What if you do not need to ship a full container to Asia? If you are only shipping a limited number of personal goods, you can choose the "Less Load" option. In this case, you will be sharing one container with one or more others who also have smaller amounts of goods to send. You can save considerably on a "Less Load." There is no fixed price for this option. It is done by negotiation.

Millions of containers are shipped around the world every year. Out of these millions, there are very few damaged, lost or stolen containers or goods. Shipping a container to Asia is safe and economical. Choose the option that suits your budget and needs and then relax. You will find your precious personal goods waiting for you when you arrive.

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